For Parents

Wendy Durell offers parent consultations.  She is not currrently providing Art Therapy sessions but is able to offer an exploratory consultation for parents.

Do you have some concerns about your child?

paint brush and yellow paint used in art therapyIf you have some worries, we can arrange a time for an initial consultation. The consultation will be for an hour and we can think together about the next step. It may be that one consultation answers your needs or we might arrange another meeting to explore things further. 

How can Art Therapy help your child?

  • Many children and young people need some extra support at some time in their lives. Art Therapy can provide that support by giving them time to think, and a private space to sort out some of their problems.
  • Children do not have to be ‘good at art’ to benefit from Art Therapy. They can use the art and play materials however they want. In this way, they might communicate feelings that are too hard for them to explain.
  • The therapist helps children and young people to understand their emotions and to find positive ways of dealing with them. This can help them to think about the way they behave, and allow them to explore strategies for change and growth.
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